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We have and are expanding our range of models, check out the newly released TR6, This will be available in standard kit factory built models will be available, but in very limited numbers (25 of each colour, mounted on a plinth and numbered)
Please check out the new MGB Mk1, Another of my favourite British sports cars. Which we will be expanding the range of these models in the very near future!

Also lots of new and exciting marques will be coming through, so keep looking.

Re are currently re-vamping our older models as in the RS200 and Metro 6R4 models and have finished off the masters to produce some of the most famous rally cross models, again available in kit form and very limited runs of factory built models.

All models in stock will be available from the sales page, certain models will be only available from specialist retailers only as a special limited edition, See model page for a link to the retailer for these special editions!